Be Consistent to Create Content to Your Blog

Be Consistent to Create Content to Your Blog

The importance of being a consistent blogger has also been discussed above. Why do we need to review it again here? Being a consistent blogger is important not only because it ensures your blog’s survival and ensures that your readers will never leave you to seek other avenues, but also because your consistency is tracked by search engines.

Your consistency represents your blog’s heartbeat. If you write a new post every day, your blog’s heart beats once each day. If you stop writing a new post, the beat will abruptly stop. If the hiatus occurs too long, your blog will die. Search engines don’t like to see dying blogs.

This is the reason why if you stop being a consistent blogger, your blog’s rank will suffer and it will not hold its top position anymore. In brief, being a blogger who consistently write high-quality content is an important SEO strategy that you must never overlook.

You have to write new posts and update old posts consistently, but you still have to make sure that the new posts you write are of high quality. Being a consistent blogger is not enough if the quality of your new posts declines. Your blog’s heart will remain beating, but weak beat means sick blog and that’s not a good news.


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