How to Create Quality Content for Blog

How to Create Quality Content for Blog

This is the most exciting part of blogging. After your blog is fully prepared and optimized, you can now erase that Hello World mock post and start to write your own original post. It is important to make sure that every post that you make is unique, original, authoritative, and useful. Here are five requirements of high-quality blog post that you must comply with.

  • Your blog content must be based on research.

You are not an omnipotent being. Perform a comprehensive research before you write a post to make sure that your blog content is of high quality. Most search engines even love to see links in your content that go out to such reputable sources as Wikipedia, JSTOR journals, Mayo Clinic, and WebMD. Don’t reiterate the information given by those sources, though, because plagiarism is a crime. Try to give your own unique and even secret outlook when writing a post.

  • It must be useful.

Your readers will not read your blog content if they don’t see any benefits of reading it. Research on popular needs that prevail today and in the future (using Google Trends, for example), pick needs that you can help fulfill and write blog posts accordingly. It is always important to follow industry trends.

  • Be consistent.

If you decide to write a new post every Sunday, be consistent. Missing one or two Sundays without posting new posts will hurt your blog a lot. Don’t let your readers look for different avenues simply because they think that you have vanished.

  • Give proper response.

Turn off auto-generated email feature of your blog. When your readers make honest comments, they expect you to answer them personally. A plugin mentioned above will help you do that.

  • Competition is not your problem.

There are millions of bloggers today, yet the stringent competition in the blogosphere doesn’t mean that beginner bloggers like you have to submit. Always be optimistic because you can prevail if you remain consistent with your high-quality content.


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