Setup Your Blog With WordPress

Setup Your Blog With WordPress

We have mentioned the two kings in the blogosphere: Blogger and WordPress. It’s time for you to pick which blogging platform is the best for you. Both have their pros and cons.

Blogger is so easy to use that you don’t actually have to do anything to make the platform ready for you to use. Just make a Google account (if you haven’t had one) and you can start making your blog post.

You are free to use any templates that you want to use, including ones provided by Blogger and external templates.

Blogger, however, is not the best platform if you want to monetize your blog. Although Blogger is owned by Google, the real source of money on the internet, that doesn’t immediately mean you have everything in your disposal to boost the rank of your blog. Adding AdSense ads to your blog is a breeze with Blogger, but that’s the only thing that Google gives to you.

With Blogger, you will not be able to add wonderful plugins, which are unquestionably essential if you wish to make your blog the number-one blog.

If the goal of your blogging activity is to create a well-ranked blog, WordPress should be the platform that you use. You will learn about the advantages of using WordPress in the next section.


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