Simple SEO Tips for Your Blog and Content

Simple SEO Tips for Your Blog and Content

With high-quality content posted on your blog, your blog is actually ready to run and it is already considered an active blog. Mocks like ‘Hello World’ post, ‘Sample Page’ page and ‘Uncategorized’ category should now disappear from your blog. If you still use ‘under-construction’ notice, remove it now.

What you will do next is making your blog more obvious on the internet in general and on search engine’s search result pages in particular by performing comprehensive search engine optimization. The following are 3 useful SEO tips that you can use for that purpose.

  • Get links from reputable sources.

This doesn’t mean you have to rely on link exchange. Link exchange is a thing of the past that you should never use now. Instead of relying on link exchange and other nasty ways to generate backlinks, use more appropriate channels to get backlinks. Some bloggers still post on article submission websites like Ezinearticles to get backlinks. While this can be an easy way to get links, the best strategy to get links in today’s world is to do guest blogging. You write a high-quality post on high-authority blogs with permission from their owners and you can put your link in that post.

  • Optimize internal links

A blog that has targeted a particular niche should consist of posts that are connected in some way to one another. By creating internal links, you materialize that connection and establish your blog as one integrated body with parts that auspiciously supplement one another. Both your blog visitors and search engines love that.

  • Enrich your blog with keywords, but don’t stuff it.

Keyword-rich blog is different from keyword-stuffed blog. If you put your keywords strategically, such as in your permalink and post’s titles, subtitles and content, and you highlight them, your blog will perform well. Forget about stuffing the meta keyword tag of your blog because search engines don’t see that tag anymore.


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