The Best Easy Way to Monetize Your Blog

The Best Easy Way to Monetize Your Blog

Eventually, the ultimate goal of blogging is to generate money from it. Indeed, not all bloggers consider their blog a money-making machine. There are bloggers who have posted hundreds of stories on their blogs but are still not willing to make money from their blogs. That is normal because they consider blogging a fun and interesting pastime.

However, nine times out of ten, bloggers hardly want to miss the profitable perk of their blogging activity.

If you also have a money-oriented motive in your blogging activity and you have stuffed your blog with quality content and have streamed reasonable traffic to your blog using effective SEO strategies, here are ten ways to unleash the profit-making power of your blog and to make your blog a true money-making machine.

  • Add advertisements to your blog.

AdSense and other online advertising programs can be a bridge between publishers like you and advertisers who want their ads to appear on your blog. Make an account with one of those programs and start adding ads to your blog. You can add as many ad units as you want, but be sure that you check the program’s terms and conditions because programs like AdSense stipulate the maximum ad units per page. Adding disruptive ads will improve their exposure level, so place them in the middle of your content.

  • Add custom search to your blog.

Custom search provided by Google will not only improve the functionality of your blog because you can use it to allow readers to search for something within your blog, but also generate income for you if your visitors click any ads appearing on the search result page. Lately, your blog’s custom search box will appear on Google’s search result page when internet users use to search and your blog appears on its search result page.

  • Sell something through affiliate marketing program.

Advertising programs usually pay you per click. Affiliate programs, on the other hand, pay you a generous amount of money if you successfully sell a product. Amazon and other online retailers offer an affiliate program whereby you get money if visitors of your blog buy their products through your blog.

  • Add sponsored content.

Sponsored content provided by Taboola, Outbrain and other similar publishers is great because it never looks like an ad. In fact, the content is mostly of high quality and your readers will love to read it. You get money when they read that content.

  • Add sponsored CAPTCHA

Even a captcha can be a great source of income. If you use a sponsored CAPTCHA service, there is a big chance that you can get money when your readers use the CAPTCHA function of your blog.

  • Be frank. Just ask for money!

If you believe that there are already many readers who are happy to read the content of your blog, it is always reasonable for you to request their donation. Add a donation button to your page and link it to your PayPal account. Remember that among thousands of readers who visit your blog, hundreds of them are willing to pay you just to keep your blog’s heart beating.


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