The Best Hosting Provider for Your Domain Name and Hosting

The Best Hosting Provider for Your Domain Name and Hosting

You can develop your blog without having to host your website on a paid webhost because even with or on the back of your domain name (which means you use Blogger’s or WordPress’s free service), your blog can still grow and become a popular and money-making blog.

However, a blog with free hosting and domain name is often considered unprofessional and sometimes spammy.

If you use free WordPress service, you will eventually believe that you suffer a lot because you cannot access premium features offered by WordPress, including premium templates, custom plugins (which are dreadfully important), FTP access, and ad-free pages.

So, in brief, buying a webhosting plan makes your blog better and look fancier. You have your own domain name and you have a whole private room to manage with complete freedom.

The question is ‘how to find the best webhosting provider for your blog?’

When you look for a webhosting provider, you will mostly check the space provided, the bandwidth, and other basic hosting features offered by the provider. Well, don’t stop there because what you want to know is the provider’s reputation.

Therefore, make sure that you choose a provider that offers 100% uptime, reliable customer service, and guaranteed satisfaction and you have to make sure that the provider is certified by ICANN.

Visit ICANN’s website and you will find a huge list of all providers that it certifies.


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