What is Blogging Mean?

What is Blogging Mean

One of the most exciting activities that you can do online is blogging. Blogging usually starts as a hobby. People like to share their stories and personal opinions about certain issues with others and so they start to write blog posts. As time goes by, this simple hobby develops into a full-time business. Bloggers develop their blog to attract visitors and when they successfully make their blog popular, they monetize it. Blogs were barely present and the term ‘blog’ itself was not found in any dictionaries two decades ago. Today, there are more than 200 million of them and many of those blogs are used as business means as well as primary sources of income.

Everyone can create a blog and master its strategies very quickly. Therefore, the term beginner blogger is actually a questionable term. People who have just started to create a blog can master it without having to undergo years of education. There are already many bloggers who earn thousands of dollars every month from their blog even though their involvement in blogging is only few months long. Once you become a beginner blogger, you will become a professional and prosperous blogger very soon. As long as you remain consistent with your unconventional career, blogging will surely become a rewarding activity for you.

Despite its popularity and overwhelming pervasiveness in the online world, the term ‘blog’ is a relatively new term. Coined in 1990s as a contraction of the term ‘web log,’ blog quickly gains fans among internet chroniclers who later call themselves bloggers. Blogs may contain stories, opinions and reviews or particular products or services. Basically, everything that emerges on human’s mind can be transformed into a blog. Every piece of writing that is posted on a blog is called blog post. Blogs can be published for free using free publishing services like Blogger.com and WordPress.com. Blogging CMS (content management systems) like WordPress and Drupal can also be used to build a blog, given that the users have purchased a webhosting plan. WordPress.com also offers to its users a paid service as an enhancement for its free service.

Why does blogging quickly become popular? There are many reasons why blogging becomes popular and why today, almost every internet user has a blog. To start with, blogging is a fun activity. It is always fun to tell people about your stories and opinions. Blogging also has a marketing potential. Because blog posts attract readers, if ads or marketing messages are added to them, readers will consciously or unconsciously digest those messages and respond to them.


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