Why Must You Create Blog With WordPress Platform?

Why Must You Create Blog With WordPress Platform

There are many reasons why you should use WordPress instead of Blogger. Beginners indeed need to learn first about how to install WordPress before they can use it. If they have a WordPress.com account, they can have the platform preinstalled and avoid the hassle; however, more advanced WordPress features, including plugin support, are available only after you make payment.

In brief, unlike Blogspot, WordPress is either more difficult to start with or not cheap.

But that is the only disadvantage of using WordPress. There are many more advantages of using that platform that will surely make you forget about that little drawback.

What are the advantages of using WordPress? Here are the list of wonderful features that WordPress offers to you.

  • Ease of use

Although WordPress installation is not hassle-free, the platform is very easy to use and to manage after you install it.

  • Access to wonderful plugins

Those plugins will make your blog stay on the top.

  • Grow without limit

No matter how many hundreds of thousands of pages that your blog has, WordPress can always handle them without compromising its access speed.

  • Clean and simple code

WordPress uses clean and simple code, which becomes the reason why all search engines love it.


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